Netherlands Travel Guide

Many people come for Amsterdam, but there is so much more to this country. The coolest thing about the Netherlands is the people. They are genuinely nice and love to share converse and talk. I once got lost in Amsterdam and about 10 people asked if they could help. Not only are the people amazing, but you can also enjoy fries with mayo, amazing art, and really cool history.

In this little country there is so much rich culture that cannot be missed. There is world class museums, amazing historically event memorials, and also interesting sights such as the red light and coffeeshops. Get out on the train and explore new parts of this amazing country.

Top Things to Do

  1. Walking Tour of Amsterdam – This should be done the very first day you arrive in the Netherlands. These tours are a great way to get the feel for the city, but they also talk a lot about the history of the country and why it is the way it is.
  2. Vincent Van Gogh Museum – I do not really love art museums, lets just say they are not my cup of tea, but wow… This museum is spectacular. The art of Mr. Van Gogh is just amazing and should not be missed.
  3. Kings Day – On April 27,unless the 27th is a Sunday, then it is the 26th. Make sure you dress up in all orange, and celebrate the country and king. It is said to be one large party, and if I know one thing, the Dutch know how to party.
  4. See some Tulips – Everybody has seen the pictures of the Netherlands and the amazing colors of tulips. Head to the North and visit one of these fields. I have never been, but it is on my list! Come from the end of March to end of May.
  5. Explore Harlem – It is only 13 miles from Amsterdam and is a typical Dutch city, close to the large cosmopolitan area of Amsterdam. I recommend staying here for a night to get out of the busy city and explore old culture.
  6. BIKE – This is the most bike friendly country int he world. It is great to get lost and see what you can find. You can rent bikes for cheap in almost any city and explore.


Netherlands is not typical known for their Dutch culinary skills. The one thing I loved about the country was their mix of asian fusion. Since they colonized many asian civilizations, they have some great asian food. Another interesting part of the country is the snack bars. These are basically huge vending machines that will give you anything from a sandwich to a dounut. Get out and try as much as you can. Try the typical and local cuisine, but also venture out and try some asian fusion.


Overall Country Cost – $$ (2/4)

Hostels – $18 – $30 USD per person

3 Star Hotel – $60 – $120 USD

Breakfast – $3 – $12

Lunch – $5 – $15

Dinner – $5 – $30


4-10 days – Spend your first few days in Amsterdam. Make sure to check out all the amazing museums, eat some amazing asian fusion food, and get lost on a bike. Next, head up to Harlem for a day tour to see the old Netherlands. Next check out the college scene of Utrecht with its old school cobbled city center and amazing nightlife. You could even check out Gouda, where the cheese comes from! Next, spend a day or two in Rotterdam seeing the old port city and all its new happenings. If time permits, head down south to Maastricht and check out the amazing city center and culture that goes with the very southern town. This is a good ending point to head to Brussels and then the Paris if you are on a backpacking adventure!!!

Guide Books


Lonely Planet “Netherlands”