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You come to Nepal for the beautiful scenery, but you end up staying for the amazing culture. Everything about this country is lovely. Spend the day looking at all the movements and architecture. Eat some moms and dal bhaat which tastes like heaven. Finally, end the time in Nepal hiking up to mountain peaks or rafting down them.

Nepal is an adventure junky dream. You can go on multi week hikes up to Basecamp or even 6,000+ peaks. You can go on multi day rafting or mountain biking trips through the Himalayans. You can jump off cliffs and sail like a  bird. There is so much adventure to be had in this country, and the best part yet, it is AFFORDABLE!

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BEWARE: You may come to Nepal and NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!

Top Things to Do

  1. Mountain Trek – This is the must do thing while in Nepal. There are day hikes, multi day hikes, and week hikes. The majority do not even require mountaineering experience. You can climb all the way to Everest Basecamp without any previous trekking experience. Check out Poon Hill (4 day) and the Annapurna Circuit (10 days) near Pokhara. You can also do an Everest Basecamp trek and fly into Lukla to start (12 – 20 days).
  2. Relax in Pokhara – Pokhara is an amazing little town to relax before a trek. Located right on a lake, you can spend the afternoon readying a book or hanging out on the main street. The main tourist street has many cool shops and places to eat. Tends to be pricier than Thamal, but still not bad. Also, it is a great place to book your mountain treks, mountain biking, and rafting adventure.
  3. Rafting – Being one of the best rafting destinations in the world you should not miss this. You can go on a day trip ($45-$55 USD) or on trips up to 7 days ($50 USD per day). This is 1/4 the price of rafting similar rivers in Colorado, USA. The multi day trips will have you most likely sleeping on the beach in a tent. The hospitality is amazing and you will be treated like royalty on all these adventure.
  4. Yoga – There are great places along the foothills of the himalayans to learn and experience yoga and meditation. I went through a company called Sadhana Yoga company in Pokhara. It was a great 3 day experience and recommend for everybody.
  5. Chitwan National Park – This is an amazing place to see wildlife and natural fauna of the lowlands of Nepal. You can go test your luck to see if you can encounter any rhinos or tigers. The tourism industry is really picking up in this souther area of Nepal, so there are hotels and resorts to suit your needs.
  6. Mountain Bike – Test your endurance by biking through the foothills of the Himalayan. There are multi day trip available. Some days can be rough if there are a lot of uphill routes, but the only upside to a downside is the downside 🙂


The food is really cheap in Nepal and can be simple but tasty. The national dish of Nepal is Dal Bhaat. It is spiced lentils poured over white rice with a side of curried vegetables. At first, it might not sound amazing, but the longer you are in Nepal, the better it tastes. The next national dish of Nepal are momos. Momos are a dumpling that can have meat or vegetables. You can get them fried or fresh. Both variations are amazing.

In local villages, they will mostly eat Dal Bhaat, so don’t be expecting a lot of variation. In the larger cities, you can find everything. In Thamal, you can literally find every type of food along with authentic Nepalese cuisine.


Overall Country Cost – $ (1/4)

Hostels – $4 – $8 USD per person

3 Star Hotel – $25 – $60 USD

Breakfast – $1 – $3

Lunch – $1 – $5

Dinner – $1 – $7


Your itinerary should revolve around adventure sports and the activities you do. There is no correct way to experience Nepal, but you must do the following

  • Trek – Either do Poon Hill, Annapurna, or Everest Base Camp. Experience the Himalayan Culture.
  • Mountain Bike or Raft – Pick either or both adventure sports to experience a different side of the country.
  • Chitwan National Park – This part of Nepal is extremely different than the higher elevations. Fun to see the change.
  • Spend time in Pokhara and Kathmandu. If you pick these two cities and trek you will see both large cities and local village life.

If you can check all four of these items off, your itinerary will be amazing!

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