A common question I get from many travelers is,

“Do I really need travel insurance?”

This is a common theme among travelers and backpackers alike. It is an added cost. It can be, not so much with WorldNomads,  hard to get. Finally, a lot of people think they will never get hurt or nothing will ever get stolen.

The fact about insurance is, you do not need it until you do!!!

Lets check out what World Nomads has to offer:

Medical Help While Traveling

Cover emergency overseas medical treatment including treatment in a clinic or hospital, plus medicines as prescribed by your treating doctor to get you well and keep you travelling.

Medical Evacuation

Cover your transport to the nearest, appropriate medical facility. If you’re in a remote location, they may need to move you to a neighboring country. World Nomads can also cover your medical repatriation for further treatment

Trip Cancellation

Covers the costs to cancel all or part of your trip including other pre-booked expenses in specific circumstances including a sudden illness or serious injury.

Gear is Lost, Stolen, or Damaged

Cover theft or accidental damage of your gear such as iPads, laptops and digital cameras in specific incidents up to individual item limits.

Have I Ever Needed It???

Sadly, the answer is yes… It was nothing too dramatic, but I chipped my tooth while jumping a rope that was on fire in Thailand. I went to Bangkok and got my tooth fixed. I took the bill and filed a claim online. In no time, my entire bill was paid for and the money I paid for the insurance was well worth it!

I also needed it while trekking to Everest Base Camp. They cover, with the adventurer plan, medical transportation, i.e. helicopter, in case of a serious emergency. I never needed it, but was a nice thing to have as a medical evacuation with a chopper can cost between $2,000 to $5,000. For a little bit of money, I was able to feel safe while doing the things I wanted to do.

What do Other Travelers Say?

“I fell off a roof in Argentina and shattered my arm. Waking up in a local hospital was terrifying. I can’t imagine navigating that experience without World Nomads.”

– JH (Argentina)

“Whilst surfing in Bali, Indonesia I was attacked by a two metre Bull Shark. The bite to my right forearm had severed five tendons and most of the muscle. World Nomads travel insurance covered the costs of my medical bills up front. “

– JF (Indonesia)

Like I said… You never need travelers insurance until you need it… I recommend always buying the insurance for any travel!