Colombia Travel Guide

Once considered too dangerous for tourists, this country is now flourishing into its natural potential. From world class beaches, tropical rainforests, to coffee estates, this place has everything. Imagine yourself sipping a nice cup of Colombian coffee sitting on a caribbean beach. Does not sound bad, right?

This NEEDS to be a country that is on everyones bucket list. Their is so much natural beauty which combines naturally with the fun and loving culture of the Colombian people. You can salsa dance the night away and smile and laugh with all the locals.

Top Things to Do

  1. Visit a Coffee Plantation – There is so much rich history in Colombia as far as coffee. There are so many plantations that offer tours and some even hire volunteers. It is said all the good coffee in the country gets exported, but at the plantations you can taste the real deal.
  2. Beach Time – Colombia has many beach towns that are simply amazing. There are amazing beaches in many spots of the country. Check out Barranquilla and Cartagena as two towns with beaches. These are towns in which you will find a lot to do as well as some awesome beaches.
  3. Explore the graffiti of Medillin/Bogota – Medillin is such a fun and bright city. In-between amazing food stops and drink venues, check out the cityscape. Everywhere you look there is amazing artwork in both cities. They both even have tours on bikes to check it out!
  4. Party – It is not hard to find a party in this country. Everywhere you look people are having a good time. There are many squares where the party begins and then it moves to the bars and clubs. This is South America, so the nightlife does tend to start later. Don’t be a rookie and show up too early.
  5. Get lost in Cartagena – Cartagena is a beautiful city that has an old and exotic architecture. Wonder around the hidden labyrinth of streets with the bright colors, beautiful churches, and amazing squares.
  6. Head to the Amazon – Colombia has a portion of the Amazon rainforest. Many tour companies offer trips to take you into the rainforest and see the vast wilderness. Feel small in this large forest. Depending on the tour, you may stop in little villages and get a chance to see their culture.



Food in South America is amazing and in Colombia there is no moment the food is not great. Imagine great hunks of beef grilled to perfection, empanadas so filling that you only need one, and Chicharron so tender the fat seems to melt off it. Thus, when in colombia, make sure to try the following:

Chicharron – Pork cracklins – Basically deep fried pork skin.

Tamales – corn based down in a corn or banana husk wrapped with vegetables, chilies, and meat.

Bandeja Paisa – Combo plate with rice, beans, fried plantains, arepa, eggs, chorizo, and chicharron. A great way to experience the country.

Empanadas – A pastry stuffed with anything tasty!

Coffee – Enjoy some freshly grown colombian coffee.

Aguardiente – This is the drink of colombia. No experience to the country is complete without drinking one of these in a local park with random strangers.


Overall Country Cost – $$ (/4)

Hostels – $7 – $15 USD per person

3 Star Hotel – $50 – $100 USD

Breakfast – $2 – $10

Lunch – $4 – $12

Dinner – $5 – $30


There are so many different itineraries that are possible for Colombia. You can take a bus from place to place or there are really cheap flights through their local airlines (Avianca). The cities and places not to be missed are outlined below:

Bogota – The capital city in high elevation. Over 12 million people live in this city. A great place to start your trip.

Cali – Third largest city in Colombia and is close to the water. Some say it is the salsa dance capital of the world.

Cartagena – This is the historic old town with a new tourist flair.

Barranquilla – Nice beach town with the second largest Carnival in the world.

Medellin – The hip spot to be in right now. Located in a beautiful vally, the city itself has so much character and such a vibrant place to be.

Guide Books


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