How to get from Antigua, Guatemala to El Tunco, El Salvador By Chicken Bus

Antigua to El Tunco Trip

Bus 1: Antigua, Guatemala to Escuintla, Guatemala. (Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes, Cost: 8 Quetzals)

Bus 2: Escuintla, Guatemala to La Frontera Note: You may have to change to a different bus in Chiquimulila. (Time: 3-4 hours, Cost: 50 Quetzals)

***Cross the border to El Salvador. People will say it is too far to walk, it is not. Walk the 1 km and find the bus station to the right.

Bus 3: El Salvador Border to Sonsonate (Time: 2 hours, Cost: $0.90 USD)

Bus 4: Sonsonate, El Salvador to La Libertad, El Salvador Note: Last bus to La Libertad is at 3:30 PM (Time: 2-3 hours, Costs: $2 USD)

Bus 5: La Libertad, El Salvador to El Tunco, El Salvador (Time: 10 minutes, Cost: $0.30 USD)

Total Time

It took a total of 12 hours with wait time. Make sure you leave as early as possible to make the last leg of the trip.

Total Cost

$11.1 USD which is cheap compared to the $20-$25 for a shuttle.


  • The buses in Guatemala may overcharge. Know the prices before you go and argue if the price is a lot more.
  • In El Salvador the buses have numbers and the prices are listed above the driver.
  • You may have to pay more for the backpacks if they take up seats. If traveling with more than two people, use only two chairs and pay for two seats.
  • Bring snacks. A lot of the buses do not have wait times between. Be prepared.
  • At the transfers, the people are really nice and there are a lot of people that want to help you! Just ask.
  • Ask a local what the price should be when you get on the bus. This will help you from not overpaying. I almost got charged double, but I asked the guy next to me.

Taking local transport can be stressful, but it is very affordable. Traveling is an adventure, so make the most out of it. Do you really want to see a country from a shuttle???

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