Tikal – A Mayan Paradise

A trip to Guatemala is not complete unless you visit this ancient Mayan Ruin. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is full of beauty and mystery. It is tucked away deep in the jungle and is paradise in itself!

According to some, Tikal is as old as 400 BC and at one time was a thriving civilization. Much of Tikal is still underground as it has not been discovered. That being said, so much has been discovered, and you are able to still climb up most pyramids and temples. This being said, TREAT TIKAL WITH R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Warning: You will feel like Indiana Jones here!

How to get to Tikal

There are a few different ways to get into Tikal.

  1. Take a shuttle from any city nearby. This is not a bus, but a little minivan. Any hotel or hostel will be able to give you this offer. This is the easiest way to get there but costs the most.
  2. Take a bus or colectivo to Tikal. This is the cheapest option. There are busses/colectivos that will take you to Tikal, but time can be an issue.

Where to stay in Tikal

This is always the big debate of where is the best place to stay to see Tikal. In my head there are three options:

  1. Flores – The most popular destination to sleep for Tikal is on the island of Flores. There are heaps of cheap accommodation and food options. There is not a lot to do on the island but is a great point to set off on your Tikal Adventure. PS: There is a hidden beach you can take a boat to that is a great option for a day!

  1. El Remate – This is a village with a few hotel and hostel options that is closer to the entrance of Tikal than Flores. It is next to the lake as well, but not as many options. Very easy to take a colectivo to Tikal from here.
  2. Tikal – In Tikal proper there are a few hotels that are expensive to stay in. There is also camping that can be arranged. This includes a hammock and a bug net. This is a great way to experience the jungle and wake up in time for the sunrise and you also get to stay for the sunset!

What to see in Tikal

I could go on and on and write what to see in Tikal. There are so many little cool nooks and crannies. Instead of typing, check out all these photos!

Tikal is an amazing place that should not be missed when in Guatemala!!!

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