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Welcome to Eric Salz Travel. My Blog is your one stop shop for travel blogs. I specialize in not only interesting blog posts, but also provide advice on creating efficient travel. It all started with an Instagram account where strangers started asking me questions. Am I a resource? I thought for a while, and I decided YES! I am fortunate to have been able to travel, and I believe I should use it to help other travelers. My goal is for everybody to feel like they have the opportunity to explore, learn, and grow while seeing and experiencing the world.

The travel bug did not bite me until I was nearly 21 years old. Growing up in the small state of North Dakota, in the USA, international travel was not something many people spoke about. It wasn’t until my first study abroad trip to Buenos Aires that I developed the lust for the excitement of being in far away lands. The love of trying new things, and meeting new people from all around the world. I love ordering food when I do not know the language. I love getting lost in a new city, only to stumble upon something truly amazing. It is this lust for travel that keeps me going, and I want to share it with you!

I got bit by the travel bug, and it wants me to keep exploring every chance I have! Follow me on Facebook, like me on Instagram, snap me on snapchat to stay up to date with everything travel from Eric Salz!

Finally, use this blog as resource to become a better traveler. Contact me with any ideas for blog posts or questions you have. Below are my top pages/posts, and destinations. These will help your prepare and get inspired for your next trip.

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